Goals for 2014

Well, the year has already started out and it probably would be a good time to sit down and set some goals for the year.  I’ll start out with my research related goals although it probably would also help to outline some of the goals related to the other projects I have going on as well:

1.  Publish a paper on SALT data.   A couple of projects are close and really need time to sit down with them and focus on them.  The reverberation mapping project is probably the closest, but I could also use to spend some time solidifying the status of the AGN project.   This could also just included a reviewed publication on the pipeline.

2.  Finish publishing my cluster projects.  This includes submitting the spectral features project, the OII LF paper, and finally the star formation rate in clusters papers.   An additional bonus paper would be a data paper including the entire survey.

3.  Support the student projects so they can submit their work on them.   I think I count six projects on-going at the moment at various stages.

4.   Exploring at least one of the random ideas that I have had lately and teasing it out to the point to see if a viable paper can come out of it.

Last year was 12 accepted or submitted publications, and I ended up with eight.  Looking at the above list, I think that 12 would once again be a good number.   Probably a much more useful post would be how I am going to accomplish all of this work.   I haven’t even listed the clusters conference, SPIE paper, updates to the pipeline, and trying to add my software to astropy.  So much to do…