Commissioning Data

Even beyond testing this tip-tilt camera for the 1m, most of my work right now involves collecting, analyzing, or describing commissioning data.  It is an absolutely necessary and essential aspect of deploying any new instrument, but it is also probably one of the most boring aspects of being an astronomer.     It helps having a well defined and clear plan and also having two people, so one can collect data while the other can perform some analysis on the data.   However, the rails can completely come off of a commissioning plan when there are problems.

One problem with the camera is that our tracker camera is at a fixed position relatively to the field. Laure has been working on some code to find sources that would be interesting to look at and have a sufficiently bright enough star nearby and in the right position to be used with the current configuration of the camera.

The second problem is that we lack a good acrornym for the camera.  Until there is a catchy name, it just isn’t an astronomical instrument.