First night, long night

Any hint of yesterday’s bad weather has completely disappeared from the Sutherland skies, and  Laure and I have been on-sky all night testing out the SBIG camera and tip-tilt AO system on the SAAO 1m.  Early results have been very promising although we have been  limited as to what we can point at due to the fixed positioning of the guidance camera.   So nothing really exciting to report or show so far, but for the first night of a new instrument, I’m pretty happy with the data that we have collected so far and we are a good way through the things we wanted to commission.   However, I  have started to update the Atmospheric Monitoring and Adaptive Optics website and would hope to post our results there soon.

Along with the news that Laure’s first paper was accepted by MNRAS, it has been pretty a good day overall.