Fixing the seeing

So I’m back up in Sutherland again.  This was a quick trip up to try to fix the timDIMM.   The pointing was only slightly off, but slightly off is enough to not be working.   The telescope needed to be manually pointing the telescope to a bright star (Antares always makes this easy–a bright red star that is easy to find in Scorpio) and then centered in the instrument.   The telescope was synced, the process was repeated, and then it was back on sky measuring the seeing.   It required one more iteration including some helpful suggestions from Tim now working in the states, but after that, it worked fine for the rest of the night.  I was hoping to see if it was working on two nights in a row, but high winds so far have prevented us from opening.

Two non-research related positives was being able to look through the Monet 1.2m telescope through an eye-piece (verry cool) , seeing all the wild flowers in bloom (so much orange), and seeing the progress being made on the HRS.